"Kevan is an amazingly efficient administrator as well as performer, seeing any potential problems on the horizon and solving them before the roost. That takes brains, diplomacy, and foresightedness, all of which he has in abundance. He would be an asset to any organization."

Harold Prince
Broadway Director

"I have worked in a variety of productions with Kevan for over 20 years and have been in key positions to witness and value his expertise in direction, stunt coordinating, artistic consulting, musical theater, and most importantly inclusive team building. In the role of Artistic Director, Kevan has an unmatched aptitude for creating a family of people who feel equally committed to accomplishing the vision he so vividly creates for them. What’s more, it has been my experience that the artists he works with actively seek out his input as they realize the improvements and evolutions his encouragements bring about."

Steven Dietrich
Owner, Gladius Productions
Assistant Head of Carpentry, Props, Facilities, Cirque du Soleil “O”

"As Production Manager for the Dueling Pirates Stunt Show…..Kevan has been a valuable asset…..He is to be given credit for maintaining the quality and integrity of the Stunt Show, the daily administration and management of the show and for helping to create a positive working environment for all employees. His creativity and ingenuity, over the past two years, not only made the Pirate Show more entertaining for our guests, but added to the overall quality and stunt safety of the show."

Richard Harbour
President, SEE Productions

"Kevan is multi-talented, flexible, and relentlessly optimistic, even when faced with the most challenging project. When Kevan is managing a production, the final product always exceeds expectations, hits the budget, and meets deadlines. That’s what I call a triple threat."

Matt Power
Producer, "Liberty News TV"

"Kevan Patriquin is a superb director. For Between Us he brought such creative insight, drive and attention to detail which he skilfully translated from text to stage. Kevan’s clear passion and understanding for the creative process ensured the whole team had a safe and free environment to develop and excel in their roles. Everyone was navigated so competently through the process, always being heard and understood, enabling us to bring the text to life with his inspiring vision. Kevan’s background in theatre, having been an actor himself also, was a huge bonus in the rehearsal room. His ability to truly understand the actors challenges, mindset and character development was instrumental in navigating them through a process which ensured they exceeded in their abilities for the roles."

Elizabeth Carter, Producer - Between Us, West End, London